At Acute PR. we offer a diverse range of servies. These include:

  A one hour author consultation: a chance for us to discuss your title, goals, potential publicity angles, length of term and a release date. 

Social media campaigns: personalised Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to promote your publication with dual access.

 Your book will be added to our blog along with a selection of reviews.

 We may also add your book onto our Acute PR website.

 When a media outlet shows interest in your title, we will contact you (the author) to inform you and maintain contact with the company on your behalf.

 At the end of the specified term we will send a full summary of activity conducted.

Even after the promotional period, if a media outlet expresses interest in featuring your publication, we will assist in conducting activity on your behalf.


  Add-On Services

 Print on Demand (POD): initial document set-up, and delivery of a final hard (paperback) copy sent out to you.

 Review copies: You may require these for additional publicity services. Price available upon request and dependent on your book’s page count.

 Publicity: We will target specific reviewers and promoters suited to your genre of book (there will be an additional charge for promotional unit printing). Should we find a suitable reviewer once your term has ended, providing we still have a copy of your book, we will send a copy out for up to one year after.

 Website: A fully personalised website for your publication.

 Videos and Trailers: With Acute PR’s full access to our sister company’s film studio, author interview videos and publication trailers are available and can be distributed to a number of sources.

 Bespoke cover design: Our in-house artists can create a bespoke cover suited to your book which encompasses your design ideas and suggestions.

 eBook distribution: We work closely with digital publisher Andrews UK and can offer a range of digital distribution and publishing services

 Copy Editing: We can provide a tailored quote to you for copy editing your text, something we highly recommend.



For service costs, or to discuss putting together a bespoke package, please email us at